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Gay Phuket Beaches

Phuket’s west coast is renowned for excellent sandy beaches. At the centre is Patong beach, the most popular and well-known with gay tourists.

But it would be a great shame to come all this way and not explore other beaches the island has to offer. Here is a roundup of our favourites.

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Patong Beach 


Patong ป่าตอง beach (and town) is located towards the middle of the west coast of Phuket island. It is home to the lively gay nightlife at the Paradise Complex.

Patong Beach is about 3.5 km long, and there is a ‘gay beach’ section located in the middle, just behind La Flora Resort Patong (next to the orange observation tower – look for the relatively small gay flag). The area attracts many gay expats and visitors as well as the local guys who work the scene.


Patong beach – gay area – Feb 2016

Just under the trees, behind the beach there is a stall that rents out umbrellas and sells cold drinks. Most evenings, around 5pm the volleyball net goes up. Everyone is welcome to take part.



Patong beach – out of season – Nov 2015

Recent cleanup efforts have seen commercial sun bed rental operations banned along all of Phuket’s beaches, including Patong. Illegal food vendors who had encroached onto public beach spaces were removed.

Most tourists are delighted to see Phuket’s fabulous sandy beaches restored to a natural condition not seen for many years. Sunbathers are permitted to bring (or rent) an umbrella.


Surin Beach 


Located about 15 km north of Patong, Surin is sometimes called ‘millionaire’s row’ due the nearby fabulous luxury hotels Twinpalms and The Surin, upscale restaurants, shops, wine bars and beach clubs.

The beach itself has clear water and beautiful white sand, and is lined with tall trees.  Just north of Surin is Pansea Bay, a scenic enclave occupied by luxury resorts. Surin is one of our favourite Phuket beaches and well worth a visit.

view south along Surin Beach

Laem Sing Beach 


Laem Sing is regarded as one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches. Located north of Patong between Kamala and Surin beaches, this cape and its 150-metre beach is nestled in a hidden bay fringed with palm trees and lush green surroundings.

Despite being a bit off the beaten track, the beach does get crowded during peak season and parking can be a challenge.


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