Well, Phuket is very alive at night time.

There are plenty of options such as enjoying a drink at the terrasses of some famous gay bars : early drinkers might start at the terrasse of the Connect guesthouse to watch the warming up of the gay street. People will go on at other places like Myways, the trendy Kiss club (popular for foreigners tourists) or boat bar.

If you fancy the famous ladyboys show (transvestites/transexual show) the professionnal one is Simon's Cabaret with a top class show with lovely performers. You can try the most recent competitor (aphrodite cabaret) which offer professional shows as well. The other most popular show (free if you manage to please the waiter orthwise you might buy a beer) is the boat bar. It's located in the heart of the gay street. It's a bar, a club and provides show times several times during the night.

If you like the big show with lot of dancers, lights and elephants then Phuket Fantasea is THE show to watch in Phuket's Island. 

Bars :
• Connect Guesthouse
• Kiss bar
• Boat Bar

Lady boys show :
• Simon's cabaret (famous amoung straight as well)
• Aphrodite cabaret (quite recent one)
• Boat bar
• others : myways...

Clubs : (tile late at night)
• Kiss club
• Boat bar

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